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Tung Oil

D esigned as a deep penetrating floor seal that produces a tough, durable semi-permanent surface coating on internal timber and parquetry floors. Tung Oil Seal dries to a tough durable film that prevents timber floors from drying out and splintering and produces a rich protective finish that retains and enhances the original natural timber colours.


Solvent based polyurethanes (one pack and two pack) provide a harder finish, generally with limited flexibility but much greater abrasion resistance. Consequently, this greatly reduces the level of routine maintenance. They currently provide some of the hardest finishes available today with gloss levels from matt through to a very high gloss. These finishes, as with the oil-based finishes, will generally darken with time. The odour during application is very strong with these products but dissipates as the finish dries. Due to their high strength and generally limited flexibility, edge bonding of boards can occur.

Water based

Some water based polyurethane/acrylic mixes of moderate durability are available but straight one and two pack water based polyurethanes with very good wear resistance are gaining in popularity. These finishes are generally applied over a sealer (either solvent or water based), that not only enhances the colour of the timber but can significantly reduce the risk of edge bonding. Rapid shrinkage in the floor and the associated stretching of the finish at board joints has on occasions caused the appearance of light coloured lines at board joints. Matt through to gloss finishes are available and these finishes generally darken little with time. During application there is low odour associated with water based finishes. A curing additive (catalyst) may or may not be recommended by the manufacturer.

Floor Staining

Y ou can fully transform the look of your floor by simply changing its colour. This procedure is called floor staining and it can be done within a very short period of time. Floor staining should be done before the finish is applied. Next Floor Sanding offers All types of stains

Lime Wash

Liming floor is a stunning alternative to traditional staining and finishing. It makes your home look light and bright. Limed floor brings country charm to even the most contemporary room . Liming floor is like a white wash-timber with all its character ,knots and appearance will always be apparent. You can still see the beautiful. Characteristics of your timber floor through the lime wash. Liming does not give a continuous colour tone ,as generally timber is not just one tone. You can chose the look you want . To get the perfect whitewash look, we must apply the white colour to natural wood surface,so flooring preparation is very important part of whitewashing process.